About DNA testing

We encourage females (and males) to consider doing the mtDNA test offered by  http://www.familytreedna.com/.

It is now possible to trace your female (maternal) heritage through comparison of your DNA to others who have – or will in the future – test.

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      I am female and another potential relative is male.

      How can we make a DNA connection?

           There are two ways to answer this genealogical question:

 1) Ideally a match would best be done by testing a known male member of

          your biological family, (brother, father, paternal uncle or male first

          cousin), against the possible male relative. This test would show whether

          there is a common male ancestor. This is the Y chromosome test (yDNA).

2)  The other method, (not as straight forward), utilizes the mother who

        passes her mtDNA to both male and female offspring and this can be checked

        using mtDNA or mitochondrial DNA. A match between the mtDNA of a male

        potential relative and your mtDNA would mean you have a common female

        ancestor. A male’s mtDNA comes only from his mother and is NOT passed on to

        his offspring – while every female DOES pass that same mtDNA down to each

        succeeding generation. This is our Maternal Match (mtDNA).


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